An Interview with the Leading Digital Marketing Influencer and Author Tim Kitchen

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Today, we are honored to have “Tim Kitchen” on board for our ongoing interview series. He is the leading digital marketing influencer and founder of Exposure Ninja (Currently, UK’s one of leading digital marketing agencies) who has written 5 books, covering the Europe’s Best selling SEO book with the title – “How to Get to the Top of Google”.

Besides his core love for digital marketing, he is a professional drummer and loves to go to the gym and watching cricket. To gain more insight into Tim Kitchen, his career journey, personal interests and his thoughts on digital marketing, let’s have a look at our recent conversation with Tim.

Envision Ecommerce: Tim, let’s begin with your career journey. How you en-tered into the Digital Marketing world? Please share your career journey with our audience.

Tim: I started digital marketing while I was a professional drummer, promoting my music online. Then I built a website for my next door neighbour, it changed his life and I was hooked! I built more websites, wrote a book and started Exposure Ninja.

Envision Ecommerce: Currently, you’re the head ninja at Exposure Ninja with more than 9 years of experience under your belt. Could you please share some biggest challenges you came across in digital marketing? How did you overcome such difficulties & challenges?

Tim: The biggest challenge is overcoming people’s scepticism with web develop-ment and digital marketing that stems from their previous poor experiences. Our industry is full of sharks, so we share everything we learn in our books, blog and podcast to demonstrate to people the effectiveness of our methods.

Envision Ecommerce: As the UK’s Bestselling SEO & Digital Marketing Author, how many online marketing books have you written till date? Which one is your favorite? And what inspires you to keep writing?

Tim: I’ve personally written 4, with a 5th one written by our team. The first one is my favourite – How to Get To The Top Of Google. People send in lovely emails about how it’s helped them increase their ranking and grow their business, and that’s really an addictive feeling.

Envision Ecommerce: Being a well-reputed SEO expert, how do you envision the future of SEO, PPC, digital PR and social media services?

Tim: Voice search will be interesting, VR will be interesting, but I think that mobile is just getting started and the speed of the transfer of attention to mobile means that most websites are built for a different audience to the one that is actually vis-iting. There’s huge opportunity there, and I think the whole area of mobile re-sponsiveness and mobile marketing is going to see a huge shake up.

Envision Ecommerce: Tim, in your opinion, what are the most common mistakes people making on their eCommerce websites that prevent them from ranking in the search engines?

Tim: Easy. Not enough text on product pages. They think that short generic prod-uct descriptions will be enough to sell their products, even to people who are un-familiar with their business. This is crazy – Amazon uses over 1,000 words on a page to sell a £1.99 ebook to an audience who is already familiar with them. Why? Because text helps to increase conversion rates and ranking, provided that it’s formatted in an attractive way, of course.

Envision Ecommerce: A lot of digital marketers can learn from you. So, according to you, what mistakes would like to indicate that, if avoided, would help emerging digital marketers?

Tim: Just regurgitating stuff they read online. Half of it is wrong and the other half is exaggerated.

Try things out for yourself, develop your own theories and test them.

Envision Ecommerce: What would you recommend to those who don’t have a big marketing budget but want to stand out among their huge competitors?

Tim: Make your site the most useful and helpful resource on your topic. You’ll pick up loads of ranking and it’s a great way to earn trust with potential custom-ers.

Envision Ecommerce: We found something interesting in one of your Facebook posts – “If you’re not blogging, you have some SERIOUS low-hanging fruit”. What would you like to say about this? And, what are the effective ways to use a blog to attract more visitors?

Tim: First write a list of all your customers’ top questions (you can find them on Then, write blog posts answering each one in a lot of depth.

IF the posts are good, within 6 months you’ll be ranking on Google for these ques-tions. If you chose the right questions, the traffic will be qualified potential buyers and you’ll start picking up leads. It’s such a killer way to get traffic and it’s so easy.

Envision Ecommerce: Let’s move on to your personal interests besides your pro-fessional life. We know you love to play drums and won a French TV show. Please share your experience. What other things do you love to do in your spare time?

Tim: I play in a band in my spare time and the TV show was a competition to find the World’s best covers band. We were an unknown band going up against these huge YouTube stars, and the French people voted for their favourite. We didn’t understand what was going on because everything was in French, but they ush-ered us onto the stage and raised the curtain and handed us a trophy. We thought maybe it was a losers’ trophy, but it turns out that we had won!

Other than accidentally winning French TV contests, I love going to the gym and watching cricket (I live just over the road from iconic cricket venue Trent Bridge).

We at Envision Ecommerce would like to thank you for taking the time to have an interview with us. We wish you best of luck with your professional future en-deavors.

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