Ionic V/S Xamarin – Which Framework is Best to Choose?

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Ionic VS Xamarin - Which Framework is Best to Use

Well, there are a number of frameworks available in the market. But, Ionic and Xamarin are the two most effective and useful frameworks to build up an interactive mobile application. As, they both offer the multiple benefits to businesses while developing apps.

But, the biggest problem is… many people are still juggling to choose between one Framework over another. They are trying to find out, like “Which Framework makes a good choice for their businesses to develop the mobile apps?”

These days, business owners wouldn’t prefer to create mobile applications for the particular mobile OS. In fact, they want to develop an app which is applicable to almost all the mobile platforms. So, in that case, cross-platform frameworks are extremely valuable in various perspectives and make a wise choice for their next big hit. Below we’ve gathered a few good reasons that can be highly helpful to you.

Read on to know…

1) Development Cost:

Ionic is an open source platform, its $0 price tag is always encouraging yet promising for many. In fact, this Ionic framework always comes with a free commercial and developer license, which allows you to scale up your mobile app in terms of push notifications and deployments to devices from the power of Ionic Cloud Services.

But on the other side, Xamarin (owned by Microsoft), which means it is only comes with free Xamarin Studio (Mac) and Visual Studio Community Edition (Windows). Rest features will be available in the paid version of Visual Studio.

2) Development & Learning Curve Experience:

Ionic framework supports all the web technologies, which give you nothing, but a faster learning curve experience than learning C# programming (Xamarin).

And, if we talk about the development process, Ionic is fast enough that makes your app ready within the weekend only with the help of ripple emulator, but Xamarin will take huge time to build-up an app.

3) Necessary to Install or not:

Ionic framework does not require any Visual studio components installed while working with. But on the other side, Xamarin always need to have installed features like Visual studio for developing an app with the specific platform.

4) Effective for web Developers:

Ionic is best for those who have a great knowledge of CSS/HTML & Javascript. All you just need to learn AngularJS to make the best use of this framework.

But on the other side, Xamarin requires a hard core knowledge of programming language. So, it makes difficult for web developers to build an app using Xamarin

So, Who Wins?

It goes without saying that Ionic framework is the clear winner in this race. As, it allows you develop an authentic, high quality mobile app fast with free tooling & greater user experience then Xamarin.

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