React Vs AngularJs Comparison – Who Wins?

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React Vs AngularJs Comparison – Who Wins

Not at all like human beings, technologies don’t have the ability to vie with and slaughter one another. However, the inception of latest technologies usually affects the prominence & market share of standard technologies. Both React & Angular JS are extremely famous frameworks used widely by various mobile app development companies plus web programmers over the world. Each framework is beneficial in its own particular manner and has their own plus sides and negative sides relying upon what mobile app developer are craving for. Let’s analyse the comparison of both so that you can pick the right technology.


AngularJS is essentially the right answer for dealing with data binding. Data binding in AngularJS apps means the automatic data synchronization that works amongst the model (customer input source) and the “view”. This data synchronization works in a way that when the model gets changed, the view mirrors get changed, and vice-versa. By removing or ignoring multiple steps, AngularJS can be an exceptionally captivating choice.


ReactJS is an outstanding framework to deal with DOM (Document Object Model) management, primarily in a case of handling large amounts of data. React supports the creation of a virtual DOM in JavaScript that carries on as an intermediate representation of the DOM. And, this intermediate representation makes it straightforward to make up your mind regarding the element to alter in the DOM and what the outcomes might be.

Comparison Between AngularJS & ReactJS:

Based on Age:

ReactJS has recently come into existance, whereas Angular has been there since long. Thereby, the support for Angular is way higher as compared to ReactJS. On the other hand, Angular’s coding is much more perplexing than ReactJS’s coding. Therefore, if you are using ReactJS, you require a very less assistance from the support communities.

Based on Speed and Features

AngularJS is much more effective but it lacks in speed compared to React. At the point when there is a large database to drag data from, users may have to encounter a slight delay. React is speedier than AngularJS thus it works well during massive data rendering process. It makes a usage of the full MVC architecture. That’s why it is best for skilled coders to use.

It utilizes solely the view part thus it holds less features compared to Angular JS. Also, it would be a wise decision for starters to start with React.

Based on Deployment

AngularJS works from the HTML viewpoint and offers restricted access to the tools for packaging plus code deployment. On the other hand, React works from the Javascript viewpoint and offer a library such as RequireJS to stack the code.

Based on Debugging:

It is simple and effortless to write code in AngularJS however tough to debug it. Moreover, with React, it is significantly simpler to debug the pre-written code. You only need to access React Developers Tools extension for your chrome browser and get started.

The Final Verdict – Who Wins?

Well, without any further ado, the appropriate answer is both. Let’s make use of both with the company of each other and not in opposition to one another. The clean & simple JavaScript environment offers mobile app developers with greater adaptability and effortless learning. And at the point when Angular limits something, you can anticipate that React will give you full freedom. Uniformly effective, so utilize a mix of both in your next enormous mobile app project.

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