Will Headless Really Help eCommerce Businesses Thrive in 2022 & Years Beyond?

While running an eCommerce business, you need to check, cross-check, and test several factors that can make or break your customer experience. Thus, to lay a strong foundation and ensure minimum rework, you need a strong plan that can help reduce ambiguity and make it simple for you to accomplish what needs to be done.

Since consumers are now moving to online channels fast with increased expectations, retailers are finding new ways to cater to their demands and provide them with a personalized experience for increasing conversions.

Some of the eCommerce giants like Amazon are already leveraging a new strategy that helps them evolve as fast as the expectations of consumers by implementing changes on the go. That strategy is called Headless Commerce.

It sounds spooky but it has the potential to save you from the horrors of a drowning eCommerce business. This guide lists how and what Headless Commerce can help you accomplish.

What’s inside:

  • What is Headless Commerce?
  • Success Stories of Brands Using the Headless Approach
  • Business Benefits of Headless with Real Examples and a Case Study

“Headless is certainly the right approach for next-gen eCommerce businesses. It lets brands evolve fast by providing them with the required flexibility to alter customer experience on the fly – What else is needed to scale an eCommerce business?”

Kamlesh Sharma

AVP Sales, Envision eCommerce


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