What is Headless Commerce?

Headless is a cutting-edge approach that decouples the front-end and back-end of an eCommerce solution for providing businesses with the utmost flexibility and agility to integrate their sales channels. The two separate layers then communicate with the help of secure APIs and run independently. By migrating to a headless architecture, eCommerce businesses can leverage many benefits.

Multi-Channel/Omnichannel eCommerce

A single backend can be used to send data to multiple frontends including social media, mobile apps, and more.

Design Flexibility

UI/UX designers can alter designs and launch new frontend experiences without disturbing the entire backend system.

More Agility

It eliminates the dependencies of frontend and backend developers on each other and thus allows quick UI/UX and backend operations.

Improved Performance

Using the headless approach, your online store becomes more responsive owing to the robust API-driven architecture.


Leverage The Power of Content and Commerce Together

A headless solution acts as a growth catalyst for your eCommerce business. It lets retailers provide a consistent experience across all channels while maintaining the speed and agility of operations seamlessly.

Increasing Demands

As Gen Z becomes consumers, it is hard for retailers to fulfill their modern and ever-evolving demands using an "off the shelf" traditional eCommerce platform. Thus, switching to a modern system is crucial.

Unsympathetic Consumers

Modern consumers lack patience and do not care about your internal challenges. A headless system helps you overcome them by letting everyone focus on their area of expertise and removing dependencies.

Need for Freedom

A headless system provides your marketing and creative teams the tools and freedom they need to create a unified shopping experience that accelerates profitability and growth. These are inevitable results of headless implementation.

Multiple Shopping Channels

Mobile shopping is on the rise. But, still, just 34% of consumers are using phones over desktops to shop. The only practical way to distribute content over all these devices including shopping capabilities is via headless.


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